Arizona Quail Alliance

The Arizona Quail Alliance is dedicated to the conservation of the Mearns quail in Arizona through habitat improvement and better management in cooperation with the Arizona Game & Fish Department and the direct participation of sportsmen. The Arizona Quail Alliance is a source of information about the Mearns, Gambel & Scaled Quail.

In an effort to improve quail management and quail habitat, the Arizona Quail Alliance seeks to:

  • support and fund scientific research to assist the Arizona Game & Fish Dept. in making the best possible decisions,
  • invite all interested groups to participate and evaluate the research,
  • recognize that there are differing views on what is best for the Mearns quail
  • provide periodic forums to discuss differing views of current conditions.

AZQA will help the Arizona Game & Fish Dept. by collecting more comprehensive data from hunters about what is happening in the field. The Arizona Game & Fish Department places a great deal of its management recommendations on hunter questionnaires and wing box samples. However, their retrieval information represents 30% or less of Mearns quail hunters. AZQA hopes to improve the reliability of this information by placing hunter questionnaires in the field and at strategic locations so we can collect more comprehensive data. These questionnaires will be in locked boxes so hunters aren’t advertising how good a day they’ve had.

The Arizona Quail Alliance has established this interactive web site so you will be able to ad your comments to the quail conservation issue. You will also find information about weather conditions, hunting statistics, conservation efforts and news from AZ Game & Fish.

The AZGA hopes to sponsor research through the University of Arizona Department of Wildlife Research Biology under the supervision of Dr. Bill Shaw and Dr. Conway. They will work jointly with the AZG & F in writing protocols for research.